Video Conferencing

From a simple video conferencing system to a complete complex fully integrated system, ON-AV can design, supply and install. We also offer the ability to maintain your system after we commission it. So that you can ensure meetings and presentations run efficiently and without delay.

  • Video conferencing integration specialists
  • Tailor a solution for your requirements
  • Fully integrated with AV control systems
  • Multi-point and content delivery

Barco: ClickShare

Walk into a meeting room with your laptop and the system automatically wakes up.

You’re wirelessly connected to the central screen, camera and speakers. In one click you start your meeting. People joining remotely feel as present as the people on site. Your hybrid teams are happy and engaged. 


ROOMZ is the most straightforward and easiest-to-deploy solution to support and create the agile work environments of the future.

Immediately after installation, ROOMZ products will help you to maximize the usage of your hybrid workspaces, while increasing work efficiency and collaboration.

Interactive Whiteboards

Increase student engagement and participation in classroom learning and activities with the latest in classroom technologies including Smart & Promethean interactive whiteboards, interactive tables and projection systems.

Digital Signage

ON-AV provides digital signage systems in Corporate offices, Reception Areas, conference centres, schools and Council buildings.

If you want more control over your digital signage solution there are various signage media players available on the market that will allow you to remotely control your media content through your internal network and even allow you to schedule it at specific times of the day.